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About Heather

Heather Everett defines art as the “original language” which connects us to life, nature, each other and ourselves. It defines our understanding of the world and gives creativity its central position as the fount through which life flows. Appropriately, then, at the heart of Everett’s work lies synthesis with nature. Always fundamental to her relationship with life and its knowing rhythms, nature was what interceded, through motherhood, to release her inner artistic voice. For Everett, nature dictates art, with a serene, joyous and hopeful cadence. In her work, light radiates joy, color liberates movement and composition echoes natural harmony. She approaches each canvas as if it is a new adventure — experimenting with loose paint and knife work so that she simultaneously builds from the outside in and from the inside out. The natural horizon is the compass directing the connection between the joy within and the beauty that surrounds.

Heather Everett began painting in 1998 and had her first exhibition in Paris in 2000 with Atelier Artmonique. She currently lives in Satellite Beach, Florida.